Our program is a simple and free to join!
As an affiliate you’ll earn money by spreading the word about Lucky Random Keys and will make a commission on any sales you bring in.

  1. You will be supplied with a unique link.
  2. You can post it on your favorite forum, social media, share it with a famous streamer, youtuber, blogger or share it in game chats while playing with your friends.
  3. When you share your link and someone: your friend, forum user, other player, etc. clicks on it, he will be redirected to luckyrandomkeys.com
  4. When someone – redirected to luckyrandomkeys.com by your link makes a purchase, you get a commission. Your links are tracked and eternal – it doesn’t matter when someone makes that purchase. Cookies will know.
  5. Payments are sent out every $20 automatically through Paypal. No hoops. No strings. Just profit for you.

We are currently paying out a 10% commission on all sales. That is DOUBLE what other sites pay.